Atlas – 7

The morning sun peaked through the window as Aleks woke with a slightly confused disposition. The room around him was unknown until memories of yesterday came to him. The elf, Sol, their attempt at sharing some words despite the language barrier. A loose-knit brown shirt and black trousers and a pair of brown boots were … Continue reading Atlas – 7

Tiamat – 7

The elevator descent was smooth. Failha could feel the tension in her muscles. She felt like a coiled serpent ready to strike. The side that was the outer wall showed the levels pass by then stopped on a landing that had two doors that parted from the middle. Everyone turned their attention to the doors. … Continue reading Tiamat – 7

Tiamat – 5

The wait was less than half an hour, and when Xzarxl and Marxl appeared, the nervousness in the room was palpable. Xzarxl crossed both arms and sighed heavily. "We have deliberated amongst our peers, Failha Al`keitra, and we have decided that we will allow your kind to practice fully as mages under our tutelage." Everyone … Continue reading Tiamat – 5

Atlas – 5

Aleks woke with a start as the emergency ring came from his phone. The specially programmed ringtone was one that was issued to every sanctioned hero. All participating governments had a built in system designed by Technomancer, the greatest known technopath. The message relayed immediately as he pressed his phone to his ear.. He didn't … Continue reading Atlas – 5

Tiamat – 4

Failha's nerves were on edge. Her plan could blow up any the minute the Visuvians scrutinized their little "family". She breathed in deeply and exhaled slowly, falling into a meditative mindset to calm herself down. She focused on the feel of the chair against her body as she relaxed into the cushions. She focused on … Continue reading Tiamat – 4