Atlas – 10

Aleks was scrubbing the last pot that needed cleaning when Sol tapped him on the shoulder. She then turned and tilted her head towards the sitting area of the cottage. Aleks wiped off his hands on the apron he had on then took off the apron and hung it up. As he sat down on … Continue reading Atlas – 10

Interlude – Transmute

The view of the sky was always wonderful from his bedroom, but today it was something else. Two suns that reached for the horizon was captivating as Obadiah sat on the edge of his king-size bed. The City of Fargo had never been the center of any major cape activity, or even any significant activity … Continue reading Interlude – Transmute

Sidapa – 8

It would have been a little awe-inspiring to see angels flying into battle to smite down their foes. Unfortunately, the angels seemed to be coming for us. There wasn't any other place that they would be heading to, as the area around us was just rolling plains. "Everyone, hold. We'll see if we can talk … Continue reading Sidapa – 8

Atlas – 9

Aleks knelt by the base of a large bush, eyes scanning the roots. Sure enough, there were telltale signs of a boar that had come rooting through here. The boars he had seen were enormous. He still wasn't sure where this place was but the fauna and the flora told him enough that it wasn't … Continue reading Atlas – 9

Atlas – 8

Sol sat back in a lounging chair in the sitting room area of her cottage. She offered Aleks the seat across from hers, a coffee table of sorts sitting in between. He took a seat and found the plush and comfort of it hugging him comfortably. He was a little disturbed by how well it … Continue reading Atlas – 8

Tiamat – 8

The explosion pushed outward from the portal a moment before the portal winked out of existence. A loud whoosh followed the cut off explosion. Failha lay face-first on the grass for a moment, her heart racing a mile a minute. She started to take slow deep breaths to calm herself down. The smell of the … Continue reading Tiamat – 8

Sidapa – 7

The inside of the city hall was quite nice. The building looked new, and so did the inside furniture equipment that I could see. Outside I could feel the dragon relax, curling up like a cat as I told it to take it easy and settle down. The group was directed to a ground-level conference … Continue reading Sidapa – 7

Atlas – 7

The morning sun peaked through the window as Aleks woke with a slightly confused disposition. The room around him was unknown until memories of yesterday came to him. The elf, Sol, their attempt at sharing some words despite the language barrier. A loose-knit brown shirt and black trousers and a pair of brown boots were … Continue reading Atlas – 7